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Managed Applications

When you need a functioning application.

Have peace of mind with our 24/7 application and life cycle management.


Focus on your core competencies and let us help you with comprehensive software solutions.

What WellDev can do for you

Requirements Engineering

Project Planing & Management

Software Implementation


Enhancement Cycles

Customer Integration Projects


How we manage your application

Based on your needs, we start from scratch or build on your existing tools.

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Client Testimonial


Company Description

PIDAS is the Customer Care Company and it focuses on the three core topics: customer service, customer experience and automation technology. 

WellDev's Engagement

In 2017, PIDAS wanted to launch a newly integrated vending solution (CORA), combined with a CRM/Support platform.

Within six short months, WellDev developed the hardware and software for CORA and built an integrated CRM/Support platform. This success has launched the start of a lasting client relationship. PIDAS currently has 10 full time developers from WellDev for the maintenance and further development of CORA.


Technology Used

DevOps (Kubernetes, Docker), ERP System, User Interface, APIs 



“WellDev is the strategic partner for our software development. We enjoy the collaboration that has resulted in various success stories ”


Frédéric Monard | CEO

WellDev has been one puzzle piece in the delivery of CORA. Understand why Frédéric Monard continuously increases the partnership with WellDev for CORA.

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