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We offer a journey together

Need a software solution?

We build solutions from scratch

Group 725


After our clients give us the first brief of the requirements, we do brainstorm sessions and come up with possible solutions.
Group 728

Project Roadmap

After getting the idea fixed in place, we create a project roadmap based on requirements and complexity of the project.
Group 731

First MVP

After the roadmap is approved we dig in and create the first MVP (minimum viable product) the client would need to launch.
Group 734

Client Feedback

Client reviews and gives us feedback on the MVP. We make corrections and adjustments.
Group 737


After extensive testing and quality assurance the product goes live.
Group 740


Updates, upgrades, new features follow after successful launch.
Group 743


We constantly monitor your systems to ensure smooth operation.
Group 746


Our 2nd and 3rd level support personnel take over and take care of all issues.

Have an existing software?

Entrust us to maintain your software

Group 749

Review and on-boarding

We take a close look at existing software, with an eye for possible updates, upgrades, refactoring, improvement potential and new features suggestions and implementations.
Group 752

Scope of engagement

Together we define a roadmap based on budget, requirements and priorities. We clarify expectations and parameters of our collaboration.
Group 755


Based on our arrangements we have daily, weekly or monthly meetings to discuss and review the progress and shape the next tasks, stories or project stage. You have access to the project management tool and to the code in real-time.
Group 743


While we work on your software, we also take a look at exceptions and how your software is doing in production. We’re happy to customize our monitoring to your needs and expectations.
Group 746


We’re happy to provide support to your sales team, engineering team or anyone within your organization. And we are ready to support your customers.