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About Us

Our diverse team strives to make your business even better.

WellDev at glance​

  • 4 locations: Switzerland | Bangladesh | Austria | Canada

  • 100+ Employees

  • Clients in: North America | Europe | Australia

  • Since 2015

  • We speak 8 languages

  • Serving all time zones

What makes us unique

Multinational team

Interdisciplinary skillset

Equal opportunity employer

Rapid solution development

Customer and user centered

Dynamic and innovative approaches 

Friendly and fun!

Our Leadership Team


Andrew Adhikary

Chief Financial Officer


Raffael Schmid


Chief Quality and Security Officer


Philipp Wellstein

Chief Executive Officer


Simon Benz


Chief Product Officer


Raphael Frey


Chief Commercial Officer

Our values

We succeed by
empowering people
to solve challenges
in innovative ways. 

Be pragmatic

Many software development teams aim for the perfect application in single iteration. Pressured by a constantly evolving market, they build too fast - taking on 'technical debt' which creates more problems down the line.


WellDev takes a pragmatic and iterative approach. We help you to build in stages so that your customers can provide feedback at each step.

Be proactive

 Many technical teams get overwhelmed by problems or issues that arise in the day-to-day operations.


WellDev takes a proactive approach to issue management.


We promote proactive communication. We share issues quickly, think of solutions in advance, and propose the best fitting fixes.

It's all about the team

 Software development is not a one-man show.


At WellDev we aim to work together and to foster an environment of team work and joint ownership.


We need to watch out for each other, support one another, and are open with each other. We imagine, build and succeed together. 

Be curious

 Curiosity is a trademark of innovative teams.


On our journey of planning, investigating, implementing, and testing, we ask a lot of questions!

  • What is the problem that I’m solving?

  • What does the user expect?

  • What other problems will it create?

  • Is the scope clear to me, to my team-lead, to the client?


"Decide for WellDev today: a performance driven software development partner that implements your digital strategy and your individual software needs innovatively, efficient and successfully."

Philipp Wellstein, CEO

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