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We support you in achieving your goals in software development and digital transformation. Our software engineers and project managers will support you with UX/UI, frontend, backend, and server specific topics. 

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UX/UI Frontend Support

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Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator


HTML, CSS, Vue.js, React, Angular


Java, Ruby on Rails, php, Node.js, Python


Postgres, MSQL, MySQL


Docker, Kubernetes

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Client Testimonial


Company Description

aiaibot is a start-up serving clients with a conversational AI platform featuring chatbots which are easy to use, powerful, and simple to integrate.

WellDev's Engagement

In 2019 aiaibot required development and engineering resources to launch its solution. In close collaboration with aiaibot, WellDev supported the development and launch of the chatbot successfully. Since 2020, 10 WellDev full time engineers have been maintaining and enhancing the software and supporting the design process of aiaibot.


Technology Used

DevOps (Kubernetes, Docker), ERP System, User Interface, APIs 

visit www.aiaibot.com


“WellDev’s holistic approach, professional support, and flexibility to our needs allow us to continuously achieve our project goals and create results collaboratively that go beyond the limits of traditional software development.”

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Ingo Steinkellner | CTO

Ingo Steinkellner (CTO aiaibot) says that their partnership with WellDev has helped continuously achieve their goals during the development of aiaibot.

It’s a conversational AI Building Platform that is developed with the goal to make chatbots more accessible and combine them with great functionality. The collaboration always takes place at eye level in the areas of UX/UI design, software development, quality control as well as in the management of solutions.