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Extended Workbench

The Client

aiaibot is a start-up serving clients with a conversational AI platform featuring chatbots that are easy to use, powerful, and simple to integrate.

Their Challenges

In 2019, aiaibot required development and engineering resources to launch its innovative chatbot solution.

CORA by Pidas

Our Solutions

In close collaboration with aiaibot, WellDev supported the development and launch of the chatbot successfully.


Success Factors

Technologies Used

Since 2020, 10 WellDev full time engineers have been maintaining and enhancing the software and supporting the design process of aiaibot.

DevOps: GCP, Docker, Kubernetes
Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS, Vue.Js
Backend: Java 17, Spring boot 3, Spring WebFlux, Hibernate
Web (HTTP) Server: Apache Tomcat, Netty, Nginx
Database: PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
Services: Mail Service, SMS Service, Sentry, RabbitMQ, MinIO

Client Testimonial

WellDev’s holistic approach, professional support, and flexibility to our needs allow us to continuously achieve our project goals and create results collaboratively that go beyond the limits of traditional software development.

Ingo Steinkellner

CTO | aiaibot

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