When you need critical expertise. 

With our team of software engineers and business consultants with many years of experience, we support you individually according to your needs.

What WellDev can do for you

Business Consulting

Product Development

Project Management

Product Development

Technical Due Diligence

Security Assessment

Technical Review

Business Consulting

Imagine. We start by exploring your current situation and work with you to co-create tailored solutions. For the most valuable ideas we will build business models and iteratively pilot them with a MVP with your core stakeholders. 

Build. We'll then help you to establish a scrum team, build a product vision, a backlog and prioritising the backlog. With weekly or monthly sprints we keep you up to date and encourage incorporating early user feedback.

Succeed. We love to see your solution take off and being your partner on this journey. 

Product Development

Imagine. We help you dream of the products that will make your processes and business even stronger.


Build. We develop a product using either agile or waterfall methods. We have a process of prototyping and iterative testing with, for example, the use of Agile Scrum Sprints, building up towards a MVP. Once you are satisfied with the design and functionalities of the product, we guide you towards the market. Before the product is launched, it’s essential to already have formed a clear understanding of the market, the unique selling position, the target audience and to define KPIs for success.


Succeed. We are looking forward to stand beside you during the stages of growth and maturity and help you succeed with all of our resources.

Project Management

Imagine. We work with you to understand your software engineering project requirements and define your scope. We will help you to imagine what could be possible and to prioritze your next steps.

Build. With a wide background in project management across the development of platforms, integration into third party systems and the operation of applications for customers from various industries. We use both waterfall and agile methods.

Succeed. Our customers including e-businesses, industry and service platforms for banks and insurance companies. Join their success through tailored project management.

Technical Review & Due Diligence

Imagine. We can help you identify the strengths and limitations of your technology products. This knowledge helps you stay ahead of risks and ensure technical strength.

Build. Through our audit based review and due diligence, we help uncover the limitations allowing you to build with confidence. Our audits includes an evaluation of technical strategies, financial strategies, products, services, IT architecture and infrastructure, IT processes and security, organisational structures and software development lifecycles. 

SucceedEnsure you stay ahead of risk and challenges leaving room for success. 

Security Assessment

Imagine. Cybersecurity assessments map the risks of different types of cyber threats. This is what makes these assessments a crucial instrument to guarantee operational business continuity.


Build. We perform vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, IT Audit and IT Risk Assessments.


Succeed. Those can avoid negative media attention, reputational damage and  financial damage that comes from non-productive hours for employees.