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Customer Service


Managed Applications

The Client

PIDAS is a customer care company that focuses on IT support.
CORA is their IT locker & vending machine that is integrated with automation technology.

Their Challenges

In 2017, PIDAS wanted to launch a smart machine (CORA) that would serve as an IT-Automat locker & vending solution. They lacked the development resources to implement the project. 

CORA by Pidas

Our Solutions

Within 6 short months, WellDev developed the hardware and software for CORA with an integrated CRM & Support platform.


Success Factors

Technologies Used

The development success of the CORA project launched the start of a long-lasting client relationship. PIDAS currently has 10 full time developers from WellDev for the maintenance and further development of CORA.

DevOps: GCP, Docker, Kubernetes
Frontend: HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Angular
Backend: Java, Spring boot
Web (HTTP) Server: Apache Tomcat, Nginx
Database: PostgreSQL
Services: Mail service, S3, RabbitMQ

Client Testimonial

"WellDev is the strategic partner for our software development. We enjoy the collaboration that has resulted in various success stories."

Frédéric Monard 


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