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Managed Applications

The Client

Unito is one of the most prominent e-commerce players in Austria and is committed to further digitalisation through technological innovation. Their three core business areas include online shopping, financial services and B2B services.

Their Challenges

  • Some of their internal processes were managed using an outdated technology, Oracle Forms.

  • The usability was not in-sync with modern UI/UX experiences and support for older versions had ceased. 

  • They wanted to keep the existing functionalities of their current application while moving to newer technology, Oracle Apex, with enhanced extensions. 

  • They lacked the expert resources and required a software development partner to execute the end-to-end technology shift. 

CORA by Pidas

Our Solutions

  • We offered a combination of our Managed Applications & Extended Workbench services to faciliate the shift to Oracle Apex technology. 

  • We dedicated an agile team who were flexible enough to work collaboratively with Unito’s project managers and their outlined specifications. 

  • We checked their existing user flows, made enhancements to the overall UI/UX interfaces and implemented them in Oracle Apex.

  • We introduced a single sign-on-like experience which connected all the Oracle Apex applications with a newly designed security system that manages page-level user authentication and authorization.


Success Factors

Technologies Used

  • We assigned two in-house engineers who hadn’t previously worked on such a large-scale project using Oracle Forms. Yet our engineers took it as a challenge and were able to successfully showcase a first draft within a fast trial period, which convinced Unito that we were the right partner to work with. Afterwards, more experienced engineers were assigned to the project to make the process more efficient. 

  • Our developers were highly collaborative and have been able to respond efficiently and swiftly to Unito’s requirements, both established and new ones. As a result, we have nurtured a very close working relationship with Unito’s project lead that is based on trust.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Oracle Apex
Backend: PLSQL, Oracle Apex
Web (HTTP) Server: Apache Tomcat
Database: Oracle DB
Services: Mail, Ords

Client Testimonial

“WellDev understood our unique requirements regarding the shift to Oracle Apex & were able to deliver swift results. Their technical expertise was evident in the solutions they provided for the new application, which was played a significant role in transforming our business operations.”

Karin Grundner-Gross | Project Lead (Unito)

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