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Entertainment, Online Platforms


Managed Applications, Extended Workbench

The Client

XOTV is an online content creation platform that focuses on connecting creative communities by putting user privacy at the forefront. XOTV is available online at as well as on TV (via VIDAA).

Their Challenges

  • Lack of resources for tackling their existing backlog of 600+ stories

  • Required backend & frontend engineers for platform enhancements

  • Outdated libraries & frameworks

CORA by Pidas

Our Solutions

  • Decreased Backlog Load:  A 3-person team of expert developers put our best practices to work, which involved story investigations, technical planning, sprint goals, and feedback stages. Through an agile methodology, we were swiftly able to reduce the backlog pressure & update outdated dependencies by proposing workable solutions to the client.

  • Existing + New Enhancements: We improved both XOTV’s applications through our consultancy, design and engineering services. We established balanced workflows to meet key milestones for XOTV: 50% backlog; 20% maintenance; 30% new features. We took a proactive approach when it came to tackling the pending backlog and XOTV was impressed with how we were able to lessen that load along with the simultaneous expansion of new platform enhancements and improved UI brilliance.


Success Factors

Technologies Used

  • Over the span of 7 months, we swiftly resolved 200+ stories from their backlog which involved numerous bug fixes. For instance, we configured their VIDAA TV app to be workable as a full-fledged application by removing bugs and establishing an updated library.

  • We enhanced the UI for their applications with accessibility features in mind for all users to improve the customer experience, e.g. customizing their video player with a more dynamic outlook for users.

  • We introduced new features for system admins, such as sysop users, to see new page views, total counts of visits, and user analytics in the form of graphical representations.

  • We configured the Vue.js framework to be used fully or partially on any page. By doing a complete overhaul of the front end by moving from jQuery to Vanilla JS for basic functionalities, and switching from the Foundation to the Bulma CSS framework, we aim to establish a more future-proof and development-efficient scenario for XOTV. This will allow feature enhancements, library updates and frontend designs to be implemented more easily for their platforms.

DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker
Distributed System
Backend: Ruby on Rails
Frontend: Vue.js (partially used), Rails View
Services: Stripe, Fastmail, object storage services, live streaming services
Database: Mysql

Client Testimonial

"My positive experience working with the wonderful team at WellDev has enabled us to rapidly improve and implement features to strengthen our position as an innovative community-centric platform for all. Thanks to them, we are able to tackle larger and more complex problems allowing us to further expand our platform as the best place for online content creators!"

Franz Michael Ressel 

Co-Founder | XOTV

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