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Swiss Ambassador Reinforces ICT Collaboration at WellDev Dhaka

Updated: Apr 14

Swiss Ambassador Reto Renggli’s Visit To WellDev Dhaka Offic

Dhaka, Bangladesh -  March 5, 2024 – Swiss Ambassador Reto Renggli's recent visit to the WellDev Dhaka office marked a pivotal moment in the collaboration between Switzerland and Bangladesh in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Accompanied by Eros Robbiani, Head of Economic Affairs, and Khaled Chowdhury, Senior Political & Economic Press Officer, the delegation aimed to strengthen mutual collaboration by exploring opportunities for ICT advancement, while forging to strengthen Switzerland-Bangladesh partnership to promote women in tech, creating skilled jobs, and driving innovation.

Ambassador Renggli provided valuable insights into business and the economy, emphasizing the commitment of both nations to explore new avenues for digitization. This session, attended by key executives including Andrew Adhikary, Country Director, Mostafizur Rahman Sahed, Chief Operating Officer, Simon Benz, Chief Product Officer, Raffael Schmid, Chief Quality and Security Officer, and Yeasin Ar Rahman, Chief Technology Officer, along with other esteemed officials, further solidified this commitment.

During discussions with Philipp Wellstein, CEO & founder of WellDev, Ambassador Renggli resonated deeply with the ambitious vision of WellDev to recruit a further 50+ engineers in 2024, showcasing the remarkable engineering capabilities of Bangladesh in the global IT market.

Ambassador Renggli commended the company's cutting-edge products, such as the widely-utilized "CORA," - smart locker and vending machine across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. This innovation underscores WellDev's commitment to excellence.

The visit solidified bilateral ties and emphasized WellDev's pivotal role in driving ICT innovation. With promising prospects for expansion and mutual growth, the collaboration between Switzerland and Bangladesh in the ICT sector holds great potential.

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