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“WellDev’s holistic approach, professional support, and flexibility to our needs, allow us to continuously achieve our project goals and collaborate to create tools that go beyond the limits of traditional software development.”
Ingo | aiaibot | Switzerland
Why choose us?

Best Practices

We strictly follow best practices in software design and engineering to ensure you receive delivery of quality products.

Pragmatic Approach

We drive ourselves to comprehend the problem in order to engineer an elegant solution. We are practical when it comes to collaborative problem solving and tackling your needs.

Cost Effective

We understand that resources are limited. We offer an unique and unmatched cost effectiveness in Software Engineering - with WellDev your budget reaches further.

End User Focus

We keep your end-users in mind when we design your software. We aim to cover every realistic use case so that your clients will experience an easy-to-use, seamless product.


We are flexible and easy to work with—we are a slack message, hangout, facetime or a visit away.

Structured Planning

We plan, estimate and implement software based on Agile software development (Scrum) or the traditional waterfall software development method.
What we've made together
Fashion Brand with Webshop, Stores in DACH, and global wholesale customers

Scope of engagement: DevOPS (Kubernetes, Docker), ERP System, Customer Database, E-Commerce Store Front, Implementation, Monitoring (24/7), Consulting

Services: Design, Implementation, 24/7 Monitoring, Consulting
Customer Care Company with integrated vending solution (CORA) and CRM/Support platform

Scope of engagement: DevOPS (Kubernetes, Docker), ERP System, User Interface, APIs

Services: Implementation, 24/7 Monitoring, Consulting, Customer Support

Client since: 2017
Engineers: 10
Startup featuring Chat, Automation, and AI software products

Scope of engagement: DevOPS (Kubernetes, Docker), ERP System, User Interface, APIs

Services: Implementation, 24/7 Monitoring, Consulting

Client since: 2019
Engineers: 6
Technologies we use
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Sass, Bulma, React, Angular, Vue, Electron
Backend: Python, Ruby, Java, Flask, Rails, Spring MVC, Node.js, Socket.io
Mobile: Swift, Java, Kotlin
DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku, gRPC
Case Study
IT Ecosystem
Nile, a Switzerland based fashion brand, known for its innovative and holistic approach to fashion design, has been a client since the very beginning of WellDev.

The collaboration with Nile started with the development of an integrated CRM platform featuring a cross-company loyalty program. Further parts of the IT Ecosystem at Nile were developed, enhanced and maintained over the last 5 years, such as the e-commerce storefront, the supply chain management platform, an ERP solution for the warehouse and more. WellDev also supported the transitioning of the applications into a cost-effective auto-scalable cloud-based solution featuring Docker images on Kubernetes.

WellDev is engaged with on-site consulting, requirements engineering, monitoring of systems and the software implementation by a dedicated software engineering team at WellDev.
“We implement your digital strategy. A journey together with WellDev means: you can do much more with much less.”
Philipp Wellstein | CEO | WellDev
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